Adtel Services

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Prospect Lead Management    
  • We provide a secure extranet website for Dealer's use in managing leads.
  • Manages appointments, submits electronically to lenders, assign leads to sales people, books vehicles, creates management reports, and pulls credit bureau(s) utilizing third party.
Full Contact - BDC Assistant Software    
  • Features followup phone calls, e-mails, and text messages to leads entering our system.
  • Contacts the applicant with your custom message minutes after they complete an AdTel generated application.
  • Contacts applicants regardless of origin to remind them of appointments and review needed stips.
  • Allows you to customize any message out to any or all leads.
  • Keeps your leads HOT and ready to ACT!
Service Desk
  • Use our scheduling system, or import appointments from existing DMS.
  • Reminds clients about service appointments by SMS Text Messaging.
  • Notify customers when their car or truck is finished and ready for pickup.
  • Notify customers when you have a sale or wish to offer a special price on services like oil changes.
  • Remind customers of important events like oil changes, brake checks and inspection stickers.
  • Notify customers when parts are in and ready for pick up.
  • Notify customer of the price of repairs and get approval before beginning work.
The Qualifier
  • By phone via toll free number
  • By Internet via customized sites
  • Lead recovery system
  • Automated call back to all applicants
Inventory Publishing, Desking and Virtual Car Lots
  • Automated inventory loading from all major systems
  • Full sweep of inventory on every deal
  • Complete desking for maximizing profits
  • Increases average gross margin $600 - $800 per unit
Text Message Marketing

Text 2 Chat    
  • Engage your website visitors in real-time
  • SMS Enabled - you can chat with visitors from your mobile phone using text messaging!
  • You are no longer required to have someone sitting at a computer to chat with visitors
  • Automatically engages visitors to gather their phone number and email address
  • Convert visitors to buyers
  • Increase customer satisfaction
Internet Reputation Management