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If you have been around anyone in the under 40 demographic, you've no doubt seen them typing out text messages on their cell phones. But more than communicating with friends, this demographic relies on text messages for their news, their traffic reports and hundreds of other applications. The phenomenal growth of texting as a communications platform is unprecedented in history. Even the telephone did not enjoy such proliferation, much less email.

A text message (SMS Text Message) is simply a short typed in message which is delivered via the cell phone's carrier. Service lets you text message with your customers quickly to let you do what you do best - get off the phone and get to the next service job! Service notifies your customers when their car is ready for pick-up, need to call service advisor, and even when its time for a new inspection sticker. This information is stored by AdTel for future communications using a quick and easy web interface. Quick and powerful, Service is also easy to learn. Most people are fully trained in using the system in under 30 minutes.

By putting Service at work in your service center you increase customer satisfaction and can use the service to send out electronic coupons to keep customers coming

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